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Your customers can scan-to-pay  

With Scan-To-Pay, your customer can enjoy an easy two-step payment process: scan the QR code then key in their PIN. We're set to keep growing and staying profitable with new disruptive initiatives and offerings in M‑PESA, E-Commerce and Home and Enterprise solutions including use of Internet of Things.

To support efforts to digitalize payments, M‑PESA, provide a solution enabling QR codes use to facilitate payments through M‑PESA faster and easier. This will allow customers to scan QR images provided by Merchants, to initiated payment flow. Merchants, and other type of businesses that will be enabled to use the QRs facility, will be either be provided with capability to generate dynamic QRs (via certain channels) or with static QRs that they can display at their store.

Helping Businesses Grow

These are the available APIs 

  • Authorization API:
    Gives you a time bound access token to call allowed APIs. 
  • Business to Customer (B2C) APIs:
    Transact between an M‑PESA short code to a phone number registered on M‑PESA 
  • Customer to Business (C2B):
    Register URL for validation/confirmation and simulate transaction. 
  • Reversals:
    Reverses an M‑PESA transaction. 
  • Transaction Status:
    Check the status of a transaction 
  • Account Balance:
    Enquire the balance on an M‑PESA short code 
  • IMT Receive Money Transfer:
    IMT Receive Validation  

Enjoy the following benefits with M‑PESA APIs 

  • Automated processes and operations, allowing your business to become more effective
  • Easy integration and embedding of your content throughout your sites or other applications with M‑PESA 
  • Improved product value proposition through API driven innovation and development
  • Improved customer experience through efficiency as a result of API automation