Unleashing the potential of independent M‑PESA Agents

Grow together with M‑PESA through acquiring and aggregating independent agent outlets. Through your Acquirer Agent Business you will help unleash the potential of Independent M‑PESA Agents.

Helping Businesses Grow

Benefits enjoyed by a Master Agent

New business opportunity in addition to existing business.

Extra revenue in earned commission on every transaction made.

Increased footfall to your outlet allowing customer to purchase other products you offer

Improved customer loyalty through provision of access to financial services at your outlet

Your role as a Master Agent:

  • Recruitment of M‑PESA Agents on Safaricom’s behalf.
  • Ensuring M‑PESA Agents are offering quality customer experience
  • Day-to-day management of recruited M‑PESA Agents
  • Providing the required training to the aggregated M‑PESA Agents
  • Monitoring and management of float
  • Ensuring that the M‑PESA Agents are well branded
  • Ensuring your M‑PESA Agents are registering new customers to the M‑PESA platform
  • Resolving first level issues that may be encountered by your M‑PESA Agent networks
  • Ensuring the M‑PESA Agents are KYC and Anti- Money Laundering compliant in line with the National Bank of Ethiopia regulations

What is required to become a Master Agent

  • A copy of your Commercial Registration Certificate and all business licenses
  • Articles and Memorandum of Association (where applicable)
  • Trading Name Registration Certificate (where applicable)
  • Tax Registration certificate (TIN) and VAT Registration Certificate
  • Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Bank details, duly stamped by the Bank
  • Official document with List of Recent shareholders (where applicable)
  • Photo and ID/Passport of shareholders and senior management of the business
  • Declaration as to whether organization is prohibited from carrying out profit making business under any law
  • Detailed profile of the business or company, including:
    1. Company Name
    2. Business background
    3. Business type
    4. Customer base
    5. Area of operations
    6. Directors/Shareholders
    7. Number of employees