Our Solutions

Access millions of customers on M‑PESA  

This is a new technology that enables you to quickly develop high-quality services and grow your business on mobile. Integrate your product with the new M‑PESA App to reach Safaricom Ethiopia M‑PESA customers directly and provide a better user experience for mobile users.

The Mini Program uses JavaScript as its primary development language, which is similar to web development and has a low migration cost for HTML5 developers.
Helping Businesses Grow

Enjoy the following benefits with M-PESA Mini Apps: 

The Business/Developer 

  • Direct access to M‑PESA customer base. 
  • Optimize M‑PESA payment to single flow within the app. 
  • Simpler and less expensive to develop than native applications.
  • Improved customer discoverability and retention.

The Customer 

  • Seamless experience where services are consumed and paid for on the same channel. 
  • One app – no need to download and maintain multiple separate apps.
  • Ease of access to various services, all under one channel.

The Operating Environments of Mini Program 

The Mini Programs operate on three different environments: iOS, Android, and Mini Program Studio, each with its own distinct working mechanism. 

  • Operating Environment 
  • iOS 
  • Android 
  • Mini Program Studio 
  • Logical Layer 
  • Java Script Core
  • Service Worker
  • NWJS 
  • View Layer 
  • WK Web View 
  • Chromium Web View 
  • Chrome Web View  

What you need to join the Mini Program 

Existing M‑PESA business
No additional documentation needed

New M‑PESA Businesses
KYC refer to download