The Power of M‑PESA

M‑PESA provides quick and easy financial services to anyone with a mobile phone. You do not need a bank account to use M‑PESA, just a Safaricom SIM card!
  • Safe & Secure

    With over 16 years experience, M‑PESA has perfected a robust platform that lets you send and receive money in the safest way.

  • No Bank Account Needed

    All you need to have an M‑PESA account is a mobile phone and a Safaricom SIM card.

  • Works on any phone

    Whether you have the latest smartphone or a basic feature phone, M‑PESA is for you. Available on USSD, STK and App.

Download the M-PESA Safaricom Super App

Download the M‑PESA Safaricom Super App or dial *733# to get started!

What M-PESA Can Do For You


  • Transact in an instant

    M‑PESA payments are real time. Both sender and receiver will get a confirmation SMS.

  • Across networks

    Send money to anyone on any network.

  • You're in control

    You can always confirm the person or business you're paying before you press send.

  • Receive from abroad

    Receive money from your loved ones around the world direct to your M‑PESA wallet.

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  • Pay bills

    Pay your bills and utilities like electricity and water from the comfort of your home.

  • Shop cashless

    No need to carry cash! Pay for shopping conveniently from your M‑PESA wallet.

  • Mini app store

    Pay for your favourite services like GuzoGo and Tikus, from within the M‑PESA Safaricom Super App.


  • At an M‑PESA agent

    Visit your nearest M‑PESA Agent to make a deposit or withdraw money from your M‑PESA account.

  • Withdraw at ATM

    Withdraw funds from your M‑PESA wallet through any of our partner banks' ATMs.

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  • Withdraw with QR

    Scan the Agent QR for a faster and more secure withdrawal.

Airtime & PACKAGES

  • Top up airtime

    Top up your airtime anywhere, anytime, straight from your M‑PESA wallet.

  • Buy packages

    Explore our range of Safaricom packages and pay easily with M‑PESA.

  • Gift airtime & packages

    Gift your loved ones airtime and packages straight from you to them.

  • Track your usage

    Monitor your airtime and data easily to stay in control of your usage.


  • Mini apps selection

    Easily access your favourite services from our range of Mini App partners.

  • Zero storage used

    Maximize your phone storage. Mini apps take up absolutely no extra space.

  • Preserve your data

    The M‑PESA Safaricom app requires an internet connection however it consumes no data.

  • Easy payments for services

    Find your preferred mini app and pay for services easily and directly on the M‑PESA Safaricom App

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